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This community is for fans of the Capcom game and anime Sengoku BASARA.
This focuses primarily on the Sengoku Basara anime, as well as the Japanese versions of the games (including SB2/3/Heroes/Battle Heroes/X/etc) and not the English version of the first game, Devil Kings, which is completely different plot and character wise. Talk of Devil Kings is still allowed, however, as are game help questions for any of the games.


  • Be polite. When asking or answering questions, be polite and considerate to your fellow members. Do not flame. Do not bash characters or pairings. Please refrain from the use of derogatory words, especially in discussion.

  • SPOILERS for the new game or the new season of the anime must be behind an LJ-cut!

  • When posting fanworks, please label all posts appropriately. Use tags for characters and type of content (doujinshi, fanart, fanfic, icons, etc)
    -Mature Content must be warned for and must be LJ-cut and members only.
    - When posting icons, you may have up to three previews. Same with fanart.
    - Do not repost fanart or fanfiction without the permission of the artist/writer, even if you found it on 4chan or the anon kink meme.
    - Doujinshi posts must be members locked. Again, warn for mature content.

  • Posts containing downloads for material such as episodes, music, doujinshi, etc, must be members locked. Video previews from the new game or new episodes don't need to be locked, but please place videos behind an LJ-cut. If you wish to link to a post on another journal or community, we ask that that other post not be locked immediately, so that members are not required to join. Whether you lock the post at a later date is up to the poster, so long as it's clearly marked. If your post on this community has no content other than asking others to join a separate comm for downloads, it may be deleted.

  • You may ask questions about characters, game help, anime information, etc. Please be polite when doing so, and try to keep all questions related to Sengoku Basara (or Devil Kings). Please don't post items that are strictly historical on the comm, we ask that it have some relevance to Sengoku Basara.

Sengoku Basara links
Sengoku Basara Wiki
Capcom's Official Basara Website
Sengoku Basara 3 Official Site

If you have any questions, please direct them to the community maintainers.

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